The Strange Case of Lot
June 23, 2024
Peter's Sermon Notes

The Strange Case of Lot

Join Pastor Peter as he continues his teaching series through the book of Genesis. We find ourselves in chapter 13 and discussing a man named Lot. What an incredible study on failure, temptation, compromise and God’s goodness. What makes someone righteous? What is righteousness? Listen and find out more! “The most interesting thing about the Bible is… the people in the Bible are deeply complex, they’re flawed, there’s not really clear heroes or villains…” -Pastor Peter “Lot isn’t really a hero, but not really a villain in the Bible; he’s somewhere in between.” -Pastor Peter “Lot becomes a sidekick for Abram.” -Pastor Peter “His life takes a sharp turn away from goodness and turns into a tragic story.” -Pastor Peter “That dude is a mess, that guy is really wicked, I can’t believe that dude is in the Bible… Peter writes, ‘…delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed… that righteous man tormented his righteous soul… the Lord knows how to deliver the godly under temptations…’ that is a radical verse!” -Pastor Peter “Maybe we need to expand our definition of righteousness… How the pull of sin works on even the righteous… The faithfulness of God even to the compromised…” -Pastor Peter “He believed his uncle on faith which was risky! Lot believed in the call of God; Lot develops his relationship with God through his uncle.” -Pastor Peter “Romans 1-3- a good account of how righteousness works.” -Pastor Peter “Since God is perfect, nobody is righteous before His sight… a violation of the law requires punishment; God must judge you for it.” -Pastor Peter Romans 3:21-23 says, “Now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed… through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe… all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” “If you and I are guilt before God’s law, you and I have two options: you can pay the penalty yourself, or you can believe that Jesus became the penalty on your behalf… what we call a Christian- someone who follows Jesus Christ and says, ‘He is the One who stands before the throne of God and intercedes on my behalf,’ that is the gospel in a nutshell.” -Pastor Peter “Every other world religion gives you means of becoming righteous.” -Pastor Peter “One of my favorite heretical groups is the Mormons. I love the Mormons. Because they’re a direct Christian heresy they show the distinction between our faiths very clearly…” -Pastor Peter “The Mormon faith teaches you that God’s grace is sufficient after you earn your righteousness first.” -Pastor Peter “Faith is not merely an intellectual assent; faith means putting your weight upon Jesus, actually putting your trust in Him. If you really trust Jesus, you must believe what He says you ought to do, is what you should do.” -Pastor Peter “Sin has a gravity to it- it pulls you, it draws you.” -Pastor Peter

"...That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like Him in death...

- Philippians 3:10