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Peter has also written and published 2 books. When you purchase a book, you are supporting the ministry of Calvary Marana.

Peter’s Books

Fellowship of Suffering

PTSD and other trauma based mental disorders have long been a source of alienation and shame to those who have experienced trauma around the world and throughout human history. It seems that though the source of our trauma might end, the ghosts of our past remain and throughout our life, our past issues continue to haunt us.This can also affect loved ones. While they want desperately to be there for the person who has been hurt, they find themselves at a loss for words and with a lack of understanding of how to comfort and help this person who has become a stranger to them through what they have suffered. But what if our trauma didn’t have to create shame and isolation?

Rooted in Sin…Rescued by Love

Have you ever tried to stop a wrong behavior only to be met with constant failure? It seems that no matter how much we love God and how much we want to stop, we are drawn back to our bad habits. In this book, Peter Martin shares his own personal struggles with things like pornography, pride, anger, and depression. With his fresh perspective and personal vulnerability, Peter communicates in a way that helps the reader understand the roots that grounded us in our bad behavior, and how God can and will rescue us from them.

Current Book Recommendations

Paradise Lost
By John Milton

The Pilgrim’s Progress
By John Bunyan

A Tale of Two Cities
By Charles Dickens

The Four Loves
By C.S. Lewis

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"...That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like Him in death...

- Philippians 3:10