Worship. Build. Reach.

Call to Action

Together, we pursue the God who passionately pursues a lost world by connecting with one another through fellowship, worship, and studying Scripture.

At Calvary Marana, we are committed to worshiping God, building community, and reaching the world.

We will begin meeting every Sunday beginning September 10th at Gladden Farms Elementary School. Please join us!

Calvary Marana Weekly Service Information:

Gladden Farms Elementary School
11745 Gladden Farms, Marana, AZ 85653

9:00 am: Meet for Fellowship
10:00 am: Worship and Teaching

Worship God

Our sole intent is to worship and glorify the God who saved us and loves us.

We believe that because it was God alone who has done everything necessary to bring us to Him, (Romans 3:10-26). All the works that we offer to Him are not done out of spiritual necessity, but instead out of voluntary, and joyous worship. (2 Corinthians 5:14). So when we join together as a body, our sole intent is to worship and glorify our great God who loves us and has saved us. Whether we are worshiping Him by singing songs of praise, praying to Him, giving money, engaging in fellowship with other believers, studying His Word, or seeking to live lives that practically please Him, all is done in order to honor and worship Him.

Build Community

Biblical community helps us live out the Gospel, and grow in Christ.

We believe that the church itself is the main representation of Godliness on this earth and resource that God has given us to live lives that please Him. In John 13:35 Jesus tells His disciples that “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” While we will never love in a way that perfectly represents God, the Church ought to be the best way that others can see the love of God manifested practically. This is also true for those who already know God. It is one thing to hear a teaching on how to live like Christ, it is another to have the opportunity to practically see that life lived. And because this calling is so high, we will need practical help to not only exemplify Godly living, but also encouragement and accountability that will enable us to grow and develop virtue towards God and others and fight our sins that create separation between ourselves and others.

Because of the importance of Godly community, we will be intentional in orienting our services towards building community within our church body. The majority of time in each service will be centered around fellowship. Home bible studies will be available to members in the church during the week. And we will seek to do more church events throughout the year.

Reach The World

Every person matters to God, which means they matter to us.

As a church body grows in their worship of God and love for one another, the natural outflow of this will be an outreach to the world at large. As the church we will be increasingly equipped to understand and articulate the hope that is within us to those who do not yet know God. But more importantly, we will be able to live lives that reflect the goodness and love of God. This will by no means be a perfect reflection, but an increasingly more clear representation of God in the life of the believer when done right, and a more clear picture of the grace of God that is offered to us even when we fail. This will practically represent the truth of the gospel and it’s power to forgive and bring sinful men to God. We will also seek opportunities to meet the real needs of our community, understanding that we are to be salt and light to this world. We should offer the goodness of God’s blessings, not just to those who are in the church, but those who are outside. Recognizing that all men bear the image of our great God and therefore are worthy of practical care and love, and also hoping that they would see the goodness of God through our actions and confess Him as their Lord and Savior.

Calvary Marana was formed in July of 2023 by a group of believers led by Teaching Pastor Peter Martin. To learn more about Peter and the church’s mission and beliefs, click the button below.

"...That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like Him in death...

- Philippians 3:10